Safety and Security in 2017 Dodge Challenger

One of the most important features that we don’t pay much attention to when buying a car is passenger protection. You can choose to buy a car that is well designed to keep you safe and secure in case you are in an accident.

The 2017 Dodge Challenger features crumple zones, both at the front and rear ends of the car, to allow the car absorb impact energy. This energy is then redirected to reduce the risk of passengers sustaining injuries. Secondly, the body of the car is built with high-strength steel. Dodge also had to put more effort in the roof to ensure it holds substantial steel safety, which is also meant to protect the passenger compartment.

Lastly, the Challenger also features advanced multistage front and driver passenger airbags. This is besides the rear and supplemental front side-curtain airbags that are standard for this car family.

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