Keep Your Windshield Clean

You want your windshield to be clean at all times for safety reasons. Unfortunately, the windshield can get dirty very quickly with dirt and grime, and you rely on our windshield wiper system to take care of a dirty windshield. That begins with having a reservoir filled and ready to use.

Many people think that water is the only wiper fluid you need to keep the windshield clean, and it is free. However, water can freeze either on the windshield or in the reservoir resulting in its damage. Also, it cannot clean any oil-based grime on the windshield.

Instead of water, use a washer fluid that includes a detergent and antifreeze. The detergent breaks down any oily grime and the antifreeze lower its freezing temperature. We can take the guesswork out of it for you. Come by Allen Samuels CDJR of Oxford, and we will gladly check your system and install the best fluid at the best price.
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