Safe Towing Practices

One of the first considerations in preparing to tow another vehicle is your own vehicle’s weight capacity. You can find that information in the owner’s manual, where it will list the exact specifications for load and tongue weight capacity. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on this point to avoid any future problems.

Another aspect of safe towing is the condition of the vehicle you're towing. If it’s a boat trailer, for example, you want to make sure that it’s capable of safely securing the boat. Also, check the tires, wheels, and lug nuts. Your vehicle’s hitch should be outfitted to fit its bumper. Once you’ve determined that the load aspect is safe, you can move on to the lights and mirrors.

If you would like assistance with ensuring that your towing system is safely set up, don’t hesitate to bring it by Allen Samuels CDJR of Oxford. We can assist you with any aspect of your vehicles’ maintenance and safety.

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