Many of today's so-called cargo vans are hard to use because of their limited means of access and lifted chassis. Unlike such vehicles, the 2019 Ram ProMaster City works hard to make loading, unloading, and even entering the vehicle as easy as possible.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster offers occupants the convenience of a 21.5-inch side step-in height. This makes it easier for adults and even adolescents to enter this vehicle with a minimum of fuss. What's more, the ProMaster City also offers a 23.3-inch step in height at the rear, and this concession can make it simpler for vehicle operators to load and unload cargo.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City also takes steps to make entry and exit easier. This urban transport vehicle comes fully equipped with sliding doors on each side that offer 26-inch entry areas. Plus, the ProMaster City provides close to 50-inches of lateral cargo space and nearly 90-inches of vertical space. This level of access makes loading awkwardly sized or wide items a cinch.



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