Chrysler 300: Movement in Style

Does the Chrysler 300 fit your personal style? Practical yet unique in look and feel, the Chrysler 300 is perfectly matched with a lifestyle of distinction and elegance. A trendy choice in full-sized luxury autos, it offers truly outstanding exterior features.

Metallic Shine

The 300's platinum chrome exterior accents are found on the grille, handles, and mirrors. Matching aluminum wheels give it that bonus sparkle that really pops and gives it that curbside appeal that makes admirers take notice.

Lighting Your Way

In addition to Chrysler’s stylish chrome accents, the luxury exterior includes technologically progressive headlights that automatically monitor and level your steering angle along with the 300’s speed. The auto-adjust then repositions the lights for you. Why all the fuss? This technology gives you a significant edge by providing a much better view around the next corner and over the next rise. Expect to be blown away by the headlights adjusting from high to low and back again, too, as your environment lighting changes, whether that's dusk, pitch-black tunnel, or a starry night.

See the 300 for yourself at Allen Samuels Cdjr of Oxford, Inc., and experience movement in style.


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