Take a Look at These Fuel Efficiency Features on the Dodge Grand Caravan

If you are looking for a van that will comfortably take your family just about anywhere, the Dodge Grand Caravan has long been a popular choice. That being said, you might have been disappointed with the gas mileage that these types of vehicles have gotten in the past. Check out these fuel efficiency features to change your perception.

You will notice that the Grand Caravan now has low roll resistance tires. These allow the engine to do much less work as the vehicle moves forward. This is a safety feature as well as a mechanism designed to improve gas mileage. You will notice the difference at the pump.

If you are not carrying a big load and you are traveling a long distance, you can use the included ECO mode. Push this simple button and you will notice that the engine begins to do a lot less work. Take the Dodge Grand Caravan on a test drive when you visit Allen Samuels Cdjr of Oxford, Inc.


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