Channel Your Inner Monarch With the Dodge Journey

There are so many special features within the Dodge Journey that opening its doors is a bit like unwrapping a Christmas present. From floor to ceiling, it's equipped with the latest in comfortable, convenient features that are designed to make you feel like you're right at home.

Its most attractive feature is its sheer amount of space. The Dodge Journey has hidden cargo holds for your belongings, so you can keep them out of sight even as they're safely tucked away. Additionally, the seats can be folded back for even more space, and they can be boosted off the floor for your littlest passengers. There's even an interior cooler space for parties, vacations and tailgates!

If you want to drive like royalty through the streets of Oxford, contact us at Allen Samuels Cdjr of Oxford, Inc. and let us show you the Dodge Journey and set up a test drive. We can get a set of keys in your hand in no time!


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